Project Relevance – Alastair Taylor

There is no question that a project of this size is going to need a serious marketing plan. Alastair has a lifetime of experience both working at major agencies and having owned his own shops. Alastair was even a part-time Business Marketing and Advertising Professor at Seneca College for over 20 years.

This Marketing Plan has several layers, which Alastair was instrumental in developing. There is a comprehensive Digital and Online Strategy, a PR Strategy, Partnership Strategy, a Gift Card Strategy and a conventional Media Strategy, all of which Alastair has developed specifically for the Badenhaüs project. This is not new to Alastair, as he routinely consults with his own clients to achieve business milestones by creating cost effective marketing strategies. He has also been intimately involved in the launch of several business of this own and for those of major clients throughout North America.

Alastair was also and integral part of the work on several by-law amendments on the Le Nordik project in Whitby and developed a Beta Marketing Plan for Le Nordik, Whitby before partnering up with Antony for Badenhaüs. Alastair has been a key contributed to the current business model and has been involved in all of the moving parts of the current project in intermit detail.

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